Aarsleff Ground Engineering Review

Wed 27 Jul

Another great review for Piling Personnel Ltd from Aarsleff Ground Engineering.

This is just in an appreciation of your Welder on site at Gloucester.
We are constructing a contiguous wall of piles in which we’re encountering an extremely hard sandstone layer of strata that is wearing and tiring our equipment and hence, often we were forced to stop and wait for the augers to be hard faced and repaired. Since your Welder’s arrival on site, we have not stopped once for the same reasons. He is an extremely hard-working individual with a lot of experience in his hands and he takes on board every comment, detail and what we require very seriously to keep the job going. I would highly recommend him to others in the piling industry and I believe he is one of highest skilled welders we’ve worked with.
Thank you for putting him forward for the job and for your flexibility of his availability to be with us full time for the duration. Please see the attached photographs of the damage/wear and some of your Welder’s work.